Water has always been the navigating force propelling the development of countless civilisations since time immemorial. Like the flow of water through the passage of time, Cheong Hock Guan Water Heater Centre Pte Ltd (CHG) is constantly moving forward in ceaseless and tireless pursuit of the purest and most distinctive quality.

With humble beginnings in the 1950s, we have matured into the preferred and trusted household brand for shower heaters for up to three generations of families in Singapore. Today, we are a proud owner of 3 distinctive brands; 707, CHAMPS and Bear Essentials, offering a varied range of quality products from Electric Shower Heaters to various Home and Kitchen Appliances to meet the vast needs of our valued customers.


Humble Beginnings

In the 1950s, our founder Mr Cheong Hock Guan established CHG, a retail store selling electrical and sanitary ware products. He led the business with strong beliefs in delivering quality products and services.

Reaping Success From Hard Work

Following through those beliefs with integrity over the years earned his business a great reputation and significant success in the 1960s. CHG was awarded a contract to supply sanitary wares to 32 key hotel projects including the Hyatt Hotel, Phoenix Hotel and Miramar Hotel, as well as opportunities to supply to almost 50% of the shopping centres in Singapore, with Katong Shopping Centre, Specialist Centre, Golden Mile and Plaza Singapura amongst their distinguished clientele.

Passing The Torch Onto The Next Generation

In 1965, Mr Cheong Hock Guan handed the reins to CHG over to his son, Mr Allan Cheong. Under his leadership, the business made a strategic move and focused on domestic shower heaters when he partnered with a British associate and successfully introduced quality and reliable shower heaters to Singapore. Through judicious use of direct marketing and advertising; a bold and novel strategy during those days, CHG established itself as de facto market leader supplying instant shower heaters to the local market.

My Family Heater

While the business achieved much success and its products in high demand, CHG has never compromised its beliefs. As much as it was business savvy and superior products that contributed to the success, it is the legacy of delivering quality products and services that maintained long lasting business relationships and built a reputation of being the most trusted household shower heater brand in Singapore.

Diversifying Our Offerings

Today, CHG is spearheaded by the 3rd generation leaders, motivated and resolute to continue the legacy from their forefathers and bring the business to greater heights. Guided by our traditional people-centric values and strong commitment to quality excellence, our product range was extended to include home and kitchen appliances under the brands of 707, Champs and Bear Essentials to meet the ever changing demands of our valued customers.